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Corrosion Control Documents (CCD)

Corrosion-control documents are...

Corrosion Studies

“If something has failed due to corrosion, we have probably seen it…”

Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)

Integrity Operating Windows are…


Risk-Based Inspection

Risk-based inspection (RBI) has become the preferred tool…

Fitness for Service

Fitness-for-service assessments provide useful benefits…

Materials Consulting

When you need to select the proper material, metal, or alloy…



Capital Project Services

“… coverage flexibility / immediate response…”

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the logical, systematic examination…

Laboratory Testing

Testing is an integral part of conducting a failure analysis…


Legal Consulting Services

Liabilities are many and varied…

Education and Courses

Corrosion training based upon our experience…



In April 2021, The Hendrix Group will make a number of process and corrosion ...read more
Hendrix Group acquires license to T-OCA RBI Software The Hendrix Group, Inc....read more

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