"304 Stainless steel vs. galvanized nuts and bolts"


"I am working on a wastewater project in venezuela and would like to determine the pros and cons of using galvanized nuts and bolts versus stainless steel nuts and bolts for the standing seams of a tank. The tank itself is made of 304 stainless steel."


The answer to your question, to some extent, depends on what media will be stored in the tank. In general, that combination is not a good one, due to the potential for accelerated, galvanic corrosion of the bolts. The American Water Works Association Code - AWWA D103 addreses bolted Tanks for potable and waste water service. This document can be purchased over the internet. For potable water storage, 304SS bolts and other hardware are required. For various types of "waste water" and leachate, SS bolts are highly suggested. For the slight price addition, I would use the stainless steel bolts (unless there were chlorides present).

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