"Acid mining water"


"I'm looking for a suitable material for acidic water with 2.2 pH level and 80ml/g of chloride concentration. I'm leaning toward 304 SS but not quiet sure, your advice is greatly appreciated. The concentration as follows:
Chloride : 80 mg/l
Chromium : 2.64 mg/l
Iron : 1590 mg/l
Nickel: 0.86 mg/l
Temperature : ambient."


I would not use type 304SS in your stated environment based on the low pH and chlorides. I recommend considering alloys with more pitting resistance than 304SS. As you did not specify the acid or the equipment in mind, I cannot provide specific recommendations; however, you might consider several of the super austenitic stainless steels, i.e., 254 SMO or alloy 20 Cb-3, etc. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) may also be an economic alternative. You should conduct corrosion coupon tests before your final selection if safety or large capital expenditures are involved.


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