"Ceramic Coatings"


"What is the track history or your opinion of using a ceramic coating on the inside of a Blowout Preventer to slow down the corrosive attack from a drilling mud. The drilling mud has a high CL level >30,000 ppm which may be the main source of causing the corrosion."


We have no personal experience with the use of ceramic coatings for corrosion protection on the I.D. of blow out preventers (BOP's). However, a few personal remarks may be in order. Generally, with coatings, the devil is in the details. I am assuming that the specific ceramic coating you are interested in possesses resistance to the stated environment. Potential problems that you should consider include: (1) the ductility of the coating with respect to service stresses resulting from alternating pressurization and depressurization, (2) the ability to obtain a quality, defect-free coating. Cathodic coatings with pinholes will create large cathode-to-anode ratios, which could lead to accelerated corrosion at the pinhole. The problem with coatings is that many people do not pay sufficient attention to proper technical specifications, application quality and QC inspection to obtain a quality, long term product.


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