"Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking"


"I am trying to find information on chloride stress corrosion cracking in low carbon and stainless steels. Theses materials will be put in tension and subjected to a sea water envoirnment. Are there specified rules that discuss what percentage of the yield stress can be safely used while using these materials in such envoirnments? Is there a general rule that one should follow while designing devices using these materials in sea water? Book titles, names of authors, and places where one can find published papers on the subject would a huge help."


SCC in carbon steels and stainless steels, even in a specific environment such as seawater, cannot be addressed adequately here. We suggest that you browse the NACE International website at http://www.nace.org and search their technical bookstore for focused information. Suggest that you try the following for seawater corrosion information: http://marine.copper.org There is information and suggestions for high cost and low cost systems... Please note that there are grades of "stainless steels" AL6XN for example, that have been developed for marine service... what you select depends a lot on how long you want something to last...


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