"chlorine induced corrosion"


"Our low pressure steam boilers (water tube design) have experienced oxygen pitting after only 5 months of operation. Our water treatment vendor has not made a change in 10 years and we never had a problem. Recently we changed out the boilers and feed water system, and now we have a problem. They discovered a problem with leaking heat exchangers for the pool water, and a high chlorine count in the feed water. Will this contamination effect the oxygen control program and cause corrosion?"


It sounds like when you changed out the boilers and feed water system you introduced oxygen into the system. I am assuming that yours is a high pressure boiler. Is the boiler water contaminated with chlorine or chlorides? And if chlorine, what are you defining as high? The chlorine/chlorides should not affect normal treatment for dissolved oxygen, deaeration, hydrozine, etc.; however it may introduce other corrosion problems. We would have to have more details regarding the boiler and treatment system to comment further. These are also questions for your boiler water treatment vendor.


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