"Corrosion in wet gas (saturated gas) pipeline"


"I have a problem in selecting/determining the corrosion system in wet gas pipeline. A saturated gas will be transported via 16" 45 km Carbon Steel uncladded and uncoated via subsea pipeline (sea bed temp is 22 Deg C). The delivery pressure and temp is 370 psig and 60 Deg C respectively with high CO2 content of 20 Mol %. Currently there is no gas dehydration system. My question is how reliable/effective is the corrosion inhibitor program so that there is no corrosion in the wet gas pipeline."


Chemical inhibition to prevent wet CO2 corrosion can be effective if applied, maintained and monitored properly. Much depends on the experience of the treatment company, as well as understanding the physical, geometrical and chemical characteristics of the pipeline and its contents. Monitoring should be used to verify the effectiveness of the treatment. In short, chemical inhibition can minimize internal corrosion; however, as always, the devil is in the details.


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