"corrosion of stainless steel pipes through contact with iron tooling"


"I am using iron tooling to bend stainless steel pipes, and even though i am using a metal foil for protection, on some spots the tooling is making friction contact with the stainless steel, there has been a lot of contact. Will a nitric acid treatment repassivate the stainless steel, i.e, will the acid take care of areas where particles from iron tooling are deeply embedded in the stainless steel? Will a 2500 psi water pressure wash be enough? I'm trying to find the most reliable method to repassivate the stainless steel without having to sand all parts which had contact with the iron tooling."


ASTM Standard A 380, "Cleaning, Descaling and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment and Systems has useful information regarding removing iron contamination and re-passivating SS alloys. You can download the Standard at http://www.astm.org.


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