"corrosion of water cooled a/c condensor piping"


"Can you tell me the best non-distructive method for testing water flow and pipe wall thickness in schedule 40 steel pipe. I manage a twenty story building in daytona beach with water cooled a/c condensors. A 2' section was removed due to a pin hole leak and the inside of the pipe was nearly 80% blocked with corrosion. The question is wether to chemically treat, and/or to replace some or all the pipe?"


We have been involved in several potable water system corrosion problems, including severe corrosion of galvanized carbon steel pipes in a high-rise hotel. Once corrosion products deposit in a pipe to the extent that you stated (80%) the pipe I.D. cannot be effectively treated (inhibited) to reduce corrosion. As for verifying whether a pipe is restricted, radiography may provide useful information.


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