"Corrosion over time of a sealed solder joint"


"For our application, we have a silver plated copper/cadmium wire crimped with a silver plated nickel crimp. Lap soldered to the outside of this crimp is a silver plated copper wire (soldered with an SN62 [Pb62%, Sn35.75%, Ag2%, Sb.25%]). This entire assembly is then encapsulated with an adhesive lined polyolefin heat shrink. Now for the question. What is the best way to definitively and quickly show that there will be little or no corrosion over a period of three years?"


A definitive answer to your question would require knowledge of the specific environment the component will be exposed to. However, as a general response, accelerated laboratory exposure tests are commonly used for accelerating the effects of corrosive environments. There are several variants of the ASTM G85 salt fog test which may be appropriate for your situation.


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