"Corrosion properties of 201 grade stainless"


"I am looking for information on the corrosion properties of 201 grade stainless steel - ie the effects of different chemicals on this stainless and rates of corrosion etc. Do you have anything you could e-mail me (PDF file, perhaps?) or would you know where I may obtain any such information? I have tried libraries, and have information on 304 and 316 steels in abundance, but 201 steel data seems much scarcer."


You are correct in the lack of corrosion data for 201SS. It is a reflection of its lack of popularity (and design) for corrosive service. I do not have much information to share with you; however, I would consider the following points, based on its chemistry. 201SS is a metastable austenitic stainless steel, with a partial substitution of manganese for nickel to provide the austenitic microstructure. Therefore, as chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen are the primary elements in determining corrosion resistance in the 200 and 300-series stainless steels, I would assume that 201SS possesses similar corrosion resistance to that of 304SS. A difference between 304SS and 201SS is the higher carbon content of 201SS, with its probable correspondingly reduced intergranular corrosion resistance, compared with 304SS, in the as-welded condition and in oxidizing acids, i.e., nitric acid. For specific applications, I would test before using.


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