"I am doing my undergraduate thesis on erosion-corrosion. Could anyone send me some infomation , definations or any other relevent paper which may help me in writing my thesis report ."


Erosion corrosion is defined as: "A conjoint action involving corrosion and erosion in the presence of a moving corrosive fluid, leading to the accelerated loss of material". Erosion is mainly Caused my flow effect. In pipeline we normally monitor the Internal Corrosion by installing coupons (Pieces of same pipe material) and retrieve them after a calculated period of time. The flush type coupons if installed incorrect it always subjected to errosion corrosion which indicate incorrect measurement and always ignored. NACE International (http://www.nace.org) has a standand on erosion-corrosion testing. ASTM (http://www.astm.org) may also have standards on erosion corrosion testing. You can perform a keyword search in their bookstore.


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