"MIC Corrosion of 254 SMO"


"I have an issue with 254 SMO corrosion in a hot water environment. In two separate applications we have seen MIC corrosion. both applications a bleach plant washers using hot water filtrate to was hpulp. one application contact an alklaine source and the other an acid source. The alkaline source is much more aggressive but there is also significant corrosion in the acid source. The other wild card is a recycled water surce from paper machines which contains starch and polymer. we believe we are seen anaerobic bacteria possibly sbr but are not sure. I need some help with a new metal choice for the application. we are considering c276/c22 but have some concerns about the possibility of chlorine dioxide contact with the metal. We have had independent analysis of the corrosion and it was confirmed as MIC - The problem is that the washer is pressurized an one side of the washer contacts chlorine dioxide and the other contacts the problem source. We do not believe that MIC is affecting the ClO2 contacting side. Of note is that we can find no references of MIC in 254 SMO"


If your problem has been accurately diagnosed as MIC corrosion, their contribution may be related to concentrating chlorides and possibly affecting the breakdown potential. Hastelloy C-22 and C-276 should provide increased chloride pitting resistance, compared with 254 SMO; however, we would not guarentee their success, based on the available information regarding the environment.


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