"Oxidation of 316L at 400 C"


"I have an application using 316L stainless steel in an instrument exposed to 400 deg C. I am trying to prevent the material from oxidizing at this temperature. The steel is currently exposed to atmospheric air and the instrument is chemically sensitive to the oxidation. So my questions are: 1. Will removing moisture from the air prevent oxidation at this temperature? 2. Is preheating the parts an effective way of forming a protective oxide layer for this application? If so can you a recomend a temperature? 3. Do you have any suggestions for other surface treatments which will be effective at this temperature?"


1. No, removing moisture from the air will not prevent oxidation reactions at elevated temperatures. 2. Pre-heating would seem to effect the same result as exposure to 400C, which you have said is harmful. So, therefore, I don't see how this would help. 3. I am not certain that I understand the harmful effects of 400C exposure to 316SS, as the oxide film that forms on 316SS at 400C is very thin and is not really a surface scale in the sense of elevated-temperature scaling. Perhaps you could elaborate on how the 400C exposure is harmful with your application.


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