"Reduction / Inhibition of hydrogen embrittlement in sour gas"


"I am looking for a method of extending the life of some oilwell logging equipment being used in extreme conditions. The equipment contains items made from hardened carbon steel and 17/4PH above Rc38 hardness. The conditions are 5% h3S, 5%CO2 balance water & crude oil. Total pressure 10 kpsi, temp 300F. Generally the equipment remains in these conditions for about 3 days then being removed for 2 days before the cycle is repeated. Is there any treatment that will reduce the cumulative effect of this exposure?"


To some extent an accurate answer depends on the water/oil ratio. However, you are describing very severe conditions. The carbon steel and 17pH SS components are subject to h3S SSC and the carbon steel is susceptible to CO2 corrosion. They will probably fail from SSC first; however,. I know of no reliable protection methods given your stated hardness constraints.


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