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"If the producer of equipment do not specialized in SS works and manipulates the SS material in a workside used to be used in ST37 manipulating it is possible to see corresed areas on the SS material soon after the production. We know that the corrosion that we see on the SS in that case is corrosed dust of ST37 that contaminated while production. Do the workside for SS manipulating have to have some specialized conditions?"


I gather that you are referring to corrosion of SS equipment due to surface contamination by carbon steels during fabrication. Corrosion of SS at sites of iron contamination is all too common in fabrication shops processing both materials. One way to avoid iron contamination of SS is to have dedicated facilities for fabricating SS equipment. Brushes, grinding wheels, etc. should not be ferrous based. SS equipment can also be cleaned/passivated after fabrication with solutions designed to remove iron contamination.


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