"Compatibility of brass and stainless in brine"


"We have an application where we need to connect a 5/8" O.D. 316L ss tube to a 3/4" NPT steel pipe. We are considering using a brass compression fitting adapter. This brass/ss connection could be submerged in salt water (road salt) up to 50% of the time. Service life is expected to be 5-10 years. If brass is suitable is there a special alloy that should be used? Currently we are looking at CA360 brass. If brass is not suitable what material would you recommend?"


I would not use that combination of materials due to the real opportunity for galvanic corrosion, in which the carbon steel and stainless steel would act as anodes in a corrosion cell. I am not confident that you would obtain 5-10 years service life in your stated environment.


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