"Metal Dusting of High Nickel Alloy (Incolloy 800H) in Waste Heat Boiler"


"We are experiencing metal dusting of the tube bundle in our Waste Heat Boiler at the Ammonia Plant. Material is INCONEL 601 (high nickel alloy). The bundle, which was previously of INCOLLOY 800H was replaced at a very high cost in 1996 due to intense metal dusting which had completely consumed reducing it to a fine black powder. Can anyone guide about an alloy which is more resistant to metal dusting than the above two nickel alloys for use in our waste heat boiler? An online information resource on metal dusting would also be helpful."


Metal dusting is a difficult problem to solve, as evidenced by your present problems. You might consider alloy 214 due to its high aluminum content. However, I recommend checking with someone from Haynes Alloys before specifying 214 as it is quite expensive.


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