Oene RoordaOene Roorda Senior Metallurgical Associate

Oene Roorda, P.Eng. is an engineering consultant with 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, specifically in materials selection, corrosion, welding, failure analysis, valve design, and manufacturing. He has worked for various leading EPC companies, oil and gas operating companies, and manufacturing companies.


Oene Roorda is an innovative thinker with effective, practical, goal oriented trouble-shooting skills. He held lead positions in engineering management, assembled and led multidisciplinary teams in design development, complex failure investigations, and operational troubleshooting.

Materials selection, corrosion and welding

Oene Roorda has successfully led teams of 5 to 15 people in EPC companies (Bechtel, Bantrel, Toyo, Jacobs, Fluor, Worley Parsons, and others) to complete material selection on a wide variety of Oilsands mining, SAGD, Bitumen Production, Oilsands Upgraders, and Refinery facilities. Produced MSDs, Materials Selection Design Basis documents, and provided ongoing project support in the areas of corrosion, welding, NDE, and quality assurance.

Oene Roorda is experienced in the development of piping material classes. He developed a new and unique database product to streamline the development of piping material classes and to simultaneously generate the files needed for the setup of 3D-CADD piping design and modeling.

Oene Roorda has successfully developed Corrosion Control Documents (API RP580 and RP970), Reliability Based Inspection, and Integrity Operating Windows for many operating companies (Shell, NorthWest Upgrading, Exxon, BPCL, and others) a wide variety of Oilsands mining, SAGD, Bitumen Production, Oilsands Upgraders, and Refinery facilities (CDU, NHT, CCR, FCC, VGO-HDS, Hydrocracker, Hydrotreater, Aromatic Recovery, SWS, ARU, SRU, and others). He facilitated on-site CCD and troubleshooting workshops at the refinery with inspection, process, and operations specialists.

Failure investigation

Oene Roorda has successfully completed complex failure investigations and associated operational trouble shooting. Failure investigations included corrosion and welding related failures, fires, and fire damage assessment. Failure investigations involved a wide variety of damage mechanisms, like stress corrosion cracking, high temperature corrosion, brittle fracture, sulfidation, naphthenic acid corrosion, creep, and soil corrosion. He has applied a wide variety of investigative techniques, like in-situ metallography, light and SEM metallography, and fractography as well as analysis techniques, like XRD, EDS, and XPS.

Valve Design

Oene Roorda has specialized knowledge of check valve design, manufacturing and operation. He has designed and optimized various nozzle check valve, swing check valve and dual plate wafer check valve designs. Successfully optimized nozzle check valves for Mannesmann Demag by reducing its pressure loss by 70% and developed unique nozzle wafer check valves with single (disc) and dual-annular (ring disc) diffusers. These valve designs are currently manufactured and by Mokveld, Noreva-Goodwin, Cameron and Grayloc.

His design work led to two patents:

  • Patent US 2010-0101668 (pending) for dual-spring closing action in non-slam nozzle check valves
  • Patent US 6,443,183-B1, Valve and Assembly for Axially Moving Members

Recent issues:

  • Constitutional Liquation Cracking of 347 SS; investigation into forging temperature and coarse grain size
  • Assessment of risk factors of inadvertently installed low wall thickness pipe in NPS56 API 5L-X70 PSL2 Class 900 gas transmission line
  • Design wash water injection mixing point using Vortab flow conditioners in the Hot HP Separator ovhd in a Hydrocraker unit
  • Implications of the ASME B31.3 impact testing exemption curves
  • Reduced toughness in micro-alloyed carbon steel
  • High HAZ hardness in CS vessels for wet H2S service; investigation and shop surveillance
  • Optimization of material selection in SAGD process streams containing wet CO2
  • Solutions for erosion mitigation in bitumen processing
  • Comparative erosion study of various materials in oil sands tailings at high design velocities
  • Naphthenic acid corrosion and Mercaptans corrosion in hydro-processing
  • Complex high temperature caustic cracking SCC failures in 316 SS vessels and tubing
  • Corrosion in recycled process water
  • Corrosion and integrity assessment of a pipeline with insulation damage

Published Papers:

  • “Reducing the Life Cycle Cost of Swing Check Valves”; O. Roorda, J.D. McNeill, M. Wright; International Petroleum Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 9-14, 1996.
  • “Effect of Check Valve Dynamics on the Sizing of Recycle Systems for Centrifugal Compressors”; K.K. Botros, D.J. Richards, O. Roorda; ASME International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition; Birmingham, UK, June 10-13, 1996.
  • “Effects of Compressibility on Flow Characteristics and Compressibility of Swing Check Valves, Part 1 and Part 2”; K.K. Botros, B.J. Jones, O. Roorda; Transactions of the ASME, Vol.119, May 1997.
  • “Computer Simulation Helps Reduce Pressure Loss of Check Valve”; O. Roorda, World Water and Environmental Engineering, June 1997
  • “CFX-4 a Tool to Optimise Check Valve Designs”; O. Roorda, AEA Technology’s CFX Update, Autumn 1997.
  • “Reducing Pressure Loss of Large Diameter Check Valves”; O. Roorda, Pipeline and Gas Journal, September 1997.
  • “Next-Generation Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valve Developed by SMX International”; O. Roorda, MidStream Business, April 2009.
  • “SMX Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valve (Brochure) - When Superior Performance and Dynamic Response Matter”.



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