Engineering and Construction

Complex processes, complex corrosion challenges

The Challenge:

Pick a phase… pick a corrosion issue.

Most capital projects have three phases: engineering design, procurement, and construction. Plenty of corrosion issues come up during each of these phases. Typical are equipment fabrication problems, material substitution requests, fabrication and field-construction quality control, welding problems and vendor qualification. And each time you have to stop to address a corrosion problem, you’re losing time and money.

Our Response:

Analysis, remediation, prevention.

The Hendrix Group has years of experience in dealing with corrosion problems. We analyze environmental conditions and construction processes to provide timely remediation, as well as prevention of further problems.

Our engineering and construction service areas

Areas where our services are routinely used by engineering and construction clients include:

  • Engineering review of fabrication specifications
  • Materials selection substitutions
  • Vendor audits
  • Equipment and piping welding problems
  • Review of weld procedures for code compliance
  • Heat treatment related problems


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