Geza N. Zirczy - Ceramic Refractory SME and Associate

Geza N. Zirczy is a ceramic refractory SME with more than 45 years of experience.  API certified refractory inspector (API 936 Refractory Certificate Number: 49594). He worked as Ceramic Refractory Materials Subject Matter Expert, with Shell Global Solutions, Technip, Koch Knight, PDVSA INTEVEP. Production manager at Ceramica Carabobo CA, a Harbison Walker affiliate. Engineering Project Construction Director for refractories, at Asesoria Tech S.A. USA & Venezuela.   

Application specialist of refractories for refineries and petrochemical plants. Conducted shop surveys of manufacturers, vendors and contractors that supply refractory materials and related services to refineries. Project application manager for the installation of thermoplastic lining in CO2 carbon-capture technology absorber towers. Chief engineer for revamping and turnaround of regenerators, reactors, cyclones, hydrogen transfer lines in refinery Catalytic Cracking Units and Hydrotreaters. Chief engineer for project and construction activities related to the installation of refractories and insulating materials.


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