Online Piping Class Development

The Hendrix Group has acquired the SpecMan database for piping class development and will put it online!  Meanwhile....we have the expertise to help you with piping class development.

SpecMan is a unique database product to streamline the development of piping classes and generate the files needed for the setup of 3D-CADD piping design and process unit modelling software. It enables and facilitates a natural and logical workflow and eliminates costly work interruptions and common manual tasks associated with piping class development and maintenance.

SpecMan advantages

Scheduling advantages in the order of months

Piping class development can be taken off the critical path allowing piping design work to be scheduled in parallel and to start almost immediately.

Cost reduction

The development of one piping class with associated 3DCADD files will take on average 4-8 hours.

No hidden maintenance cost

Easy and efficient piping class maintenance at low cost.  The significant costs of traditional manual maintenance are often overlooked.

Change control

Change requests and document revisions are logged and documented allowing investigation of data change history.

Data integrity and effective quality control

Powerful user-friendly features ensure consistency across piping classes. A single data library and comprehensive reports enable effective quality control. Changes can be implemented in minutes without schedule delays.


SpecMan can be customized to interface with a materials management system.

3D-CADD system-independent solution

One piping class for all 3D-CADD systems. No need to develop separate piping classes for different 3D-CADD systems.



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