Paul Waugh - Cathodic Protection

Paul Waugh, C.Eng, F.I.MMM - 35 years’ experience Lead Chief Materials & Corrosion Engineer with experience in a broad variety of conceptual, FEED, and EPC projects for onshore and offshore, greenfield and brownfield developments. Responsible for development and implementation of the overall corrosion control strategy, typically consisting of the areas of material selection, protective coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring, corrosion inhibition, and asset integrity.

Cathodic protection design

Procurement, installation and commissioning for offshore and onshore pipelines, structures, tankage and processing facilities.

Corrosion monitoring

Development of high level and detailed corrosion management programs, also detailed specification of inhibition and corrosion monitoring / inspection schemes.


Materials selection, offshore, refineries, onshore and chemical plant.  Subsea facilities, including technical integrity assessments and supplier monitoring, covering X-trees, manifolds, flexible pipe and umbilical’s.  Pipeline design, materials, corrosion assessment and cathodic protection.


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