• Asset Integrity Services

    Asset Integrity Services

    • HGI provides Asset Integrity Services globally
    • Experienced multi-disciplinary team of engineers
    • Determination of asset condition based on thorough analysis
    • In-depth understanding of processes and damage mechanisms
    • Development of strategic Inspection Operating Windows (IOWs) to prevent failure
    • Rationalize inspection costs and stay successful

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  • corrosion control documents


    Corrosion Control Documents

    • "Without expert input, RBI assessment is ineffective in reducing risk"
    • We carry out in-depth corrosion studies
    • CCD documents are essential for effective mechanical-integrity and risk-based-inspection programs
    • Now providing API-recommended integrity operating windows
    • Download our CCD Presentation for the API Inspection Summit
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  • Corrosion Control


    Corrosion Consulting

    • We carry out in-depth corrosion studies
    • A nationwide reputation for cost-effective corrosion solutions
    • "If something has failed due to corrosion, we have probably seen it - and solved it"
    • Over 35 years of corrosion prevention and control
    • We have investigated thousands of failures due to corrosion and/or mechanical causes
    • Full-service chemical, mechanical, and corrosion-testing laboratories
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  • Failure Analysis


    Failure Analysis

    • "Failure analysis without recommendations doesn't do justice to the client's needs"
    • Complete failure analysis and corrective capabilities
    • Equipment fitness-for-service analysis
    • Over 80 years of experience and thousands of failure investigations
    • Engineering experience and complete laboratory facilities provide accurate root causes of failure
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  • Risk Based Inspection


    Risk-Based Inspection

    • "When the risk goes up, so should the expertise"
    • Over 35 years of experience in reducing catastrophic equipment failure
    • We specialize in highly hazardous materials and environments
    • Licensed and certified to use T-OCA software
    • Download the T-OCA Introduction Presentation
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  • Legal Consulting


    Legal Consulting

    • "When you need expert-witness testimony, the Hendrix Group is in your corner"
    • Providing litigation support and expert-witness testimony involving equipment failure, product reliability, fitness for service, and equipment testing and inspection
    • Our clients include the petrochemical, refining, oil and gas, pipeline, and legal and insurance industries
    • Detailed list of active and settled cases is available upon request
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Preserve Asset Integrity and Extend Equipment Life

The Hendrix Group is an industry expert in solving corrosion problems and overall asset integrity management.  Our specialties are corrosion studies, corrosion control documents and fitness-for-purpose studies.  We have breadth and depth of experience in corrosion analysis and offer practical corrosion prevention and control solutions. Based on detailed corrosion and process analysis, we develop complete engineered solutions for corrosion problems, including detailed engineering drawings for piping design and equipment modifications.  

Our associates cover a broad range of expertise, from engineering design and fabrication to operational and maintenance issues.

Our Asset Integrity Services Include:

  • Corrosion Control Documents (API RP 970)
  • Corrosion Studies
  • Integrity Operating Windows
  • Risk-Based Inspection Implementation (API RP 580)
  • Fitness for Service Assessments (API RP 579)
  • Remaining Life Assessments
  • Materials Consulting
  • Capital Project Services
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Laboratory Testing

We’ve conducted thousands of Asset Integrity Projects

The Hendrix Group has conducted thousands of Asset Integrity Projects for a wide variety of companies, including the Fortune 500. We also have complete metallurgical testing laboratory facilities to complement our asset integrity services.

This website will show you the many ways in which The Hendrix Group can become your logical choice, too.



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