NEW! Calculation of Ammonium Salt Deposition Temperatures

With a little delay, our Calculation of Ammonium Salt Deposition Temperatures is now available for subscribers. The subscription is free. Our calculations are well documented. A description of the damage mechanisms and literature references are provided.

Deposition of ammonium salts in piping and heat exchangers leads to fouling, under deposit corrosion, and corrosive sour water solutions. Therefore, knowledge of the salt deposition temperatures is critical to managing fouling and corrosion associated with these salts.

This application calculates the temperatures at which solid ammonium salts, NH₄Cl, NH₄HS, NH₄Br, and NH₄F, deposit from the vapour stream. Results are also shown graphically.

A prerequisite for corrosion to occur is the presence of liquid water. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate if water condensation is possible in a vapour system. Because ammonium salts are very hygroscopic, the water dewpoint can occur below 100% relative humidity (water dewpoint). Therefore temperatures at which 10%, 20% and 100% humidity occur are also calculated.

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With a little delay, our Calculation of Ammonium Salt Deposition Temperatures...read more
Our sulfidic corrosion calculators are now available at hghouston.com/calcula...read more

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