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The Hendrix Group Associates are experts in their field and bring many years of experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines.  Areas of expertise include materials and corrosion engineering, aqueous and high-temperature corrosion, ceramic and refractory materials, root cause failure analysis, fitness-for-service investigations, Reliability-Based Inspection, welding, surface engineering, piping engineering.

This world-class group of experts is supplemented by a full-service laboratory for conducting failure analysis and corrosion investigations, chemical and mechanical property analysis of metals, alloys and non-metals and conducting research and practical application corrosion compatibility studies.

Refinery corrosion and RBI expert with 40 years plant experience.  Experienced in materials research and practical trouble shooting in refineries, chemical plants, upgraders and oil sands.  

Ceramic Refractory Materials SME with more than 45 years experience, with companies like Shell Global Solutions, Technip, Koch Knight, PDVSA INTEVEP.  Production manager at Ceramica Carabobo CA, a Harbison Walker affiliate. Engineering Project Construction Director for refractories, at Asesoria Tech S.A. USA & Venezuela. 

A specialist with 25 years of experience in HVOF applications and other surface engineerig technologies.  Strong background in materials and corrosion issues in various oil and gas facilities upstream and downstream.  Special expertiese in optimum economical material selection for erosion and wear applications.  

Lead Chief Materials and Corrosion Subject Matter Expert with 35 years experience in a wide range of areas, ranging from conceptual design, FEED, and EPC projects for onshore and offshore to greenfield and brownfield developments. Responsible for the development and implementation of the overall corrosion control strategy, typically consisting of material selection, protective coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring, corrosion inhibition, and asset integrity. 

An expert with over 20 years of experience in all aspects related to welding.  His knowledge and expertise include welding metallurgy, welding process selection and application, fusion and solid-state welding processes, welding consumables selection.  He has a fundamental understanding of, as well as hands-on experience with, dissimilar welds, weld repairs, high-efficiency welding processes, mechanized welding of pipelines, welding of CRA-lined pipelines.  HGI also relies on Carl for welding procedure development, welding procedure review, welding economics, welding of CRA’s and exotic alloys, high tensile structural steel welding, weld overlay/ claddings/ surfacing, brazing, PWHT, NDE applications, ECA’s (Engineering Critical Assessments).   


More than 35 years of experience in steelmaking, hot-dip galvanizing, cold rolling, hot rolling and process optimization, inlcuding billet & slab caster improvement (https://www.bobsci.nl/).  


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