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  • Overview Of Services (501kb) - Risk-Based Inspection, Materials Consulting, Corrosion Control, Field Metallurgy, API Storage Tanks, Expert Witness Support, Laboratory Testing, Training & Workshops, Fitness-For-Service, Failure Analysis and more!
  • Corrosion Control (835kb) - Corrosion is the deterioration of a metal or alloy due to interaction with it's environment. Corrosion can occur in both low and elevated temerature environments.
  • Failure Analysis (732kb) - Failure Analysis is the logical, systematic examination of an item, it's construction, application and documentation to identify the failure mode and to determine the failure mechanism and it's basic cause.
  • Field Metallurgy (1109kb) - Field Metallography can be used as a tool to determine remaining life, fitness for service, damage assessment from creep mechanismsor fire damage and the cause for cracking, degree of overheating or other damage mechanism manifested by microstructural changes.
  • Fitness For Service Evaluation (853kb) - Fitness For Service is defined as the ability to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component containing a flaw.
  • Laboratory Testing (600kb) - Testing is an integral part of conducting a failure analysis.
  • Expert Witness Support (549kb) - The Hendrix Group has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony on a variety of causes involving equipment mechanical and corrosion related failure, product reliability, fitness for service, and testing and inspection of equipment and components.
  • Materials Consulting (346kb) - The scientific application of the mechanical, metallurgical, corrosion and physical properties of metals and non-metals to their proper selection, design, and manufacture for end-use applications.
  • Risk Based Inspection (698kb) - Risk Based Inspection reduces the potential for catastrophic equipment failure and provides the ability to efficiently allocate limited inspection budgets and personnel.
  • API Storage Tank Services (1034kb) - There are over 700,000 aboveground storage tanks in the U.S. with capacities ranging from 500 barrels to over 500,000 barrels. Many any tanks leak without anyone knowing about it. Tank floor failures are insidious because they can leak product into the ground and groundwater for years before detected.
  • Education & Training (207kb) - Focused post-academic training and continuing education seminars and courses can bridge the gaps in experienced-based knowledge.


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