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“We're able to move easily from initial consulting, to analysis, to recommendations for effective mitigation and corrosion-control measures.”

Today, in oil and gas exploration and production, corrosive environments are the norm. Our practical experience in identifying and solving corrosion problems is known worldwide to oil and gas companies wanting long-term effective solutions.

For these companies, The Hendrix Group provides materials selection, FEED case materials input and reviews, corrosion control documents and integrity operating window development, root cause failure analysis, corrosion consulting, risk based inspection, and metallurgical laboratory testing services. 

The Hendrix Group is a Houston, Texas-based company specializing in preventing, investigating, and solving mechanical and corrosion-related failures of equipment. For over 35 years we have specialized in the following oil and gas categories: 

  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Chemical injection
  • Well stimulation
  • Work over operations
  • Surface facilities
  • Gas processing facilities

We have particular experience in the selection and failure analysis of CRA chemical injection tubing, carbon steel production tubing/casing corrosion and cracking in shale formations with aggressive producing environments, and in corrosion of gas processing equipment. These environments typically contain CO2, H2S, high-chloride waters, and bacterial contamination. Our clients often employ wells using various artificial lift technologies to maintain production, which can increase corrosion. For these aggressive environments we provide corrosion potential assessments, recommendations for corrosion-control measures and resistant materials of construction recommendations. We’re able to move easily from initial consulting, to analysis, to recommendations and implementation of effective corrosion-control measures.

Providing extensive testing and resources

The Hendrix Group’s professional staff is backed by the capabilities of a full-service chemical, mechanical, and corrosion-testing laboratory. Additional benefits include our extensive company technical library and on-line database search capabilities. 

Corrosion-Consulting Services offered

  • Corrosion Prevention and Control
  • Root-Cause Failure Analysis
  • Consulting and Expert-Witness Services
  • Court Testimony and Depositions
  • Materials Engineering
  • Selection and Performance of Metals, Non-Metals, and Coatings
  • Corrosion Data and Literature Searches, Reviews, and Reports
  • Corrosion Control and Integrity Operating Window Reports



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