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Hendrix Group acquires license to T-OCA RBI Software

The Hendrix Group, Inc., has recently acquired the rights as a licensed user and reseller to incorporate the renowned T-OCA RBI [RW1] software into its risk-based inspection (RBI) implementation services. This strategic acquisition allows The Hendrix Group to offer full-service risk-based inspection program development and implementation services to clients as a core component of our asset integrity management (AIM) offerings, using T-OCA as a software solution for risk and inspection management of a client’s assets. T-OCA has distinct advantages over competing RBI software and we are excited about this new capability.

Powerful and Flexible Solutions for Risk-Based Implementation

T-OCA is uniquely adept at managing a risk-based inspection program for fixed equipment, piping, valves, rotating equipment, fired heaters, and furnaces. Its strength lies in its flexibility to be configured to a client’s preferences regarding the risk matrix, probability-of-failure life bands, inspection techniques, and the ability to incorporate non-standard damage mechanisms that are not included in API 571. It also includes the ability to attach API 584 integrity operating window parameters into the damage mechanism assessment.

T-OCA has been used to deliver RBI results for businesses in 30 countries around the world since it was first developed in 1995. The product uses an optimum balance of quantitative method (rule and statistic based), qualitative expert knowledge, and practical experience. It is simple and easy to use and the interface is coupled with an excellent reporting and inspection planning tool.

T-OCA is a practical, cost effective system for RBI of pressure envelopes. T-OCA is the first RBI system to integrate qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative analysis in a single package. It takes the well proven semi-quantitative, rule-based T-OCA system and adds the ability to conduct a qualitative assessment of piping by system or equipment by component. This lets you get started with RBI faster and easier and generates results sooner.

Applications include piping, static equipment, rotating equipment, relief valves, and control valves.

Integrated TaskMaster Technology

T-OCA incorporates a feedback module to modify the risk assessment with inspection and monitoring data. It also has integrated TaskMaster[RW2]  technology that allows the user to easily develop an inspection work program based on the Risk Assessment. T-OCA has long had the ability to switch languages using a translation table. T-OCA SQL adds the capability to change the report headers to match the language used in the menus.

T-OCA, while simple to use, allows for a high degree of user customization. It is delivered set up for a 3x3 risk matrix but the 5x5 API 581 method may be selected. T-OCA includes rule-based probability and consequences of failure analysis backed by an industry technical steering group. Consequences rule sets have been defined for USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. The user may select the probability rule set from Oil and Gas Production, Chemicals Production, or Refining. T-OCA may be configured to use either imperial or metric units for temperatures, pressures, volumes, pipe diameters, thicknesses, and corrosion rates. It will use the same units for data input and reporting which are used in the daily operation of your plant.

After completing the T-OCA risk assessment, TaskMaster allows the user to develop consistent, focused inspection programs. TaskMaster allows the user to maintain a list of standard inspection activities and frequencies. TaskMaster then enables users to build logic conditions that automatically associate an inspection task and frequency with a specific equipment item. The user then has the final option to accept or modify the inspection task list for each piece of equipment.

The Hendrix Group is an industry expert in asset integrity management, conducting thousands of asset integrity projects for a wide variety of companies, including the Forture 500. 

For additional information regarding the T-OCA software and risk based inspection services offered by The Hendrix Group, email us at T-OCA Info.

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