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   Corrosion Studies  Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)

Corrosion Control Documents (CCD)

Corrosion-control documents are...

Corrosion Studies

“If something has failed due to corrosion, we have probably seen it…”

Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)

Integrity Operating Windows are…

 Risk-Based Inspection Implementation (API RP 580)  Fitness for Service Assessments (API RP 579)  Materials Consulting

Risk-Based Inspection

Risk-based inspection (RBI) has become the preferred tool…

Fitness for Service

Fitness-for-service assessments provide useful benefits…

Materials Consulting

When you need to select the proper material, metal, or alloy…

 Capital Project Services

Failure Analysis

 Laboratory Testing

Capital Project Services

“… coverage flexibility / immediate response…”

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the logical, systematic examination…

Laboratory Testing

Testing is an integral part of conducting a failure analysis…

 Legal Consulting Services  Education & Courses (Learning)  

Legal Consulting Services

Liabilities are many and varied…

Education and Courses

Corrosion training based upon our experience…



With a little delay, our Calculation of Ammonium Salt Deposition Temperatures...read more
Our sulfidic corrosion calculators are now available at hghouston.com/calcula...read more

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