2017 API Inspection Summit

When: January 30, 2017 - February 2, 2017

Where: Galveston Island Convention Center Galveston, Texas

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Asset Integrity Through Corrosion Management, Inspection, and Engineering Technology

The API Inspection Summit was designed with you in mind. This four-day summit includes three days of presentations spanning over 120 topics. Addressing issues involved in asset condition evaluation for drilling, production systems, pipelines, terminals, refining, chemical manufacturing and storage facilities. In addition, an optional day of training is conducted by subject matter experts.

The API Inspection Summit is the only networking event for inspectors and other inspection support professionals in the industry. As stated by attendees, “The API Inspection Summit is the best inspection related conference in the petroleum industry.”

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Our January 30th Training Courses Include:

8-hour Courses:

  • Tank Fabrication and Inspection, Instructor: Joel Andreani

  • Understanding Phased Array UT, Instructor: John Nyholt

  • Damage Mechanisms Affecting Equipment in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries, Instructor: Marc McConnell

  • Fitness-for-Service, Instructor: David Osage

  • Risk-Based Inspection, Instructor: Lynne Kaley

  • Welding Procedure Preparation/Review Based on ASME Section IX, Instructor: Robert Yagle

  • ASME PCC-2, Instructor: Don Kurle, P.E

  • Mechanical Integrity for Refining - Crude Units, Instructors: Clay White, Jason Nigg, Brian Jack, Brian Batts

4-hour Courses:

  • High Temperature Advanced NDE, Instructor: David Bajula

  • Creating and Implementing Corrosion Control Document (API 970) and Integrity Operating Windows (API 584) - a how to guide, Instructor: Gerrit Buchheim

  • Bolting/Torqueing/Gaskets - Bolted Joint Integrity, Instructor: Warren Brown

  • Joint Assembly Inspection for Inspectors, Instructor: Warren Brown

  • Welding Fundamentals for Inspectors, Instructors: Terry McLane and Jeff Major

  • Characteristics of the High Performing Inspector, Instructor: Mark Smith

Training Courses are available at an additional fee and are not included in the Summit’s registration fee.

For more information, visit our website at www.api.org/inspection.

Register by Friday, January 6, 2017

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