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1/21/2003 9:00 AM
Dear sir, my name is Kashif imran and i am currently studying in sweden in the Msc engg programme in Advanced materials at chalmers university of technology.i want to perform my thesis in some oil company related to the corrosion problems. as i have worked at a fertilizer plant and got some exposure of corrosion preventing and monitoring techniques so i want to further carry on my passion in this side so i will be very much thankful to you if you suggest me some topic related to this or can guide me about the current hot issues in the oil exploration (both off shore and on shore) and refining industry so that i can perform my thesis with some good company.i will wait for your precious advice.thanks regards Kashif Imran
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsOil Refinery Co...Oil Refinery Co...thesis proposalthesis proposal



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