Field Metallography as an Inspection Technique

“Elevated temperatures… can cause unexpected failures.”

As plants age, equipment and piping operating at elevated temperatures undergo microstructural changes, which can reduce original design properties and can cause unexpected failures.

The Hendrix Group Inc. has been providing corrosion consulting, corrosion prevention, and corrosion-control services for more than 35 years. Our objectives are:

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Examining on-site to avoid taking destructive samples

The Hendrix Group has extensive experience in Field Metallography. We have found it to be a useful tool for on-site examination and evaluation of plant equipment - without the need to destructively cut samples from the equipment item or component.

Uses of Field Metallography

Field Metallography can be used as a tool to determine remaining life, fitness for service, and damage assessment from creep mechanisms or fire damage. It is also useful in determining the cause for cracking, degree of overheating or other damage mechanisms manifested by microstructural changes.

Our Field Metallography Applications include:

  • Heater Tubes
  • Boiler tubes
  • Steam Piping
  • Tanks



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