“Coating” doesn’t always mean “protection.”

The Challenge:

Improper coatings won’t stop corrosion.

It’s unfortunate but true: your coating processes may not be protecting your products against corrosion. Why? Because no matter how good the coating itself is, surface preparation, mis-formulation, and improper application can undermine that coating’s effectiveness.

Billions mis-spent.

The total annual U.S. cost for organic and metallic protective coatings is $108.6 billion. Fifty percent of all corrosion costs are preventable, and approximately 85 percent of these are in the area of coatings. How do you know if the money you’re paying for your coating processes is well spent?

Our Response:

Analysis, spec development, recommendations for your coatings

The Hendrix Group has years of experience in working with coatings to maximize corrosion prevention. We regularly work with end users, coating formulators, and coating applicators to make sure their processes are as effective as they can be.

Our coatings industry services

  • Coating failure analysis
  • Coating specification development
  • Paint analysis and testing
  • Coating recommendations



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