Power Generation

An entire population is counting on you, 100% of the time.

The Challenge:

Aging equipment, severe environments

The power-generation industry faces the unique challenge of having to maintain close to 100% on-stream time with aging equipment and severe operating environments. High pressures and temperatures are involved, in addition to corrosion in water-based systems. This compounds operative damage to mechanisms.

Always-on systems complicate inspection.

Your goal to remain 100% operational means you can’t take the system down to inspect it. Even your ability to monitor equipment reliability is affected.

Our Response:

Analysis, remediation, prevention

Understanding and assessing the fitness for services of static equipment, rotating equipment, heaters, and piping are critical functions we regularly perform for our clients. The Hendrix Group has years of experience in working with the power-generating industry. We investigate damage and corrosion mechanisms and conduct laboratory failure analysis of heater components, rotating equipment, and steam- generating piping.



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