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The Challenge:

Environmental compatibility

Whenever applied research projects involve new chemical processes, new products, or the application of existing products in new applications, there will be compatibility issues: will the new process, product, or application be compatible with the environment it’s intended for?

Wasted time

How much time and manpower can you commit to fully researching compatibility problems? What would it be worth to get the answers you need quickly - with the assurance you’re going in the right direction?

Our Response:

Accurate research that addresses your exact specifications

The Hendrix Group has years of experience in environmental compatibility problems. We regularly consult with companies to help insure safety and reliability, and to reduce product-liability risk.

Our research services

  • Conducting material vs. environment compatibility testing
  • Performing literature searches using our extensive in-house technical library
  • Recommending metals and alloys for new processes or environments
  • Recommending corrosion monitoring techniques to reduce the risk of failure



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