Water and Wastewater

We know what you’re up against.

The Challenge:

Water causes corrosion.

It’s no secret that water causes corrosion. The water and wastewater industries face challenges unique to this environment. They include boiler waters, seawaters, cooling waters, and wastewater treatment.

Seawater makes it worse.

Corrosion in wastewater and seawater environments is particular severe. Successfully managing water corrosion requires knowledge and experience regarding the specific corrosive agent(s) responsible for the corrosion. For example, different mechanisms can be concurrently active, such as dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, inorganic chlorides, H2S, and bacteria.

Corrosion costs you money.

Water and wastewater accounts for approximately $36 billion in corrosion-mitigation costs. These facilities are constructed with materials such as concrete, steel, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, and other materials subject to corrosion attack. Corrosion occurs to both metals and nonmetals in these environments.

Our Response:

Analysis, remediation, prevention.

The Hendrix Group has years of experience in solving water-based corrosion problems. We analyze environmental conditions to provide timely remediation, as well as prevention of further problems. Our technical services include the use of corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs), corrosion monitoring, chemical treatment, and inspection.

Our water and wastewater service areas

Areas where our engineering services are routinely used by refining clients include:

  • Laboratory failure analysis
  • Corrosion investigations
  • Materials-of-construction recommendations
  • Remaining-life assessments
  • Corrosion prevention and mitigation


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