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Public Moderated Forum with new posts
General Corrosion Topics
This form is designed to foster technical interchange regarding a wide range of corrosion topics.
1/8/2011 8:00 AM
Public Moderated Forum with new posts
Material Selection and Properties
This forum is intended to foster communication and technical interchange regarding appropriate materials selection and properties issues for corrosive processes and new/replacement construction.
1/6/2011 8:00 AM
Public Moderated Forum with new posts
Oil Refinery Corrosion and Materials Issues Forum
This forum is intended to address corrosion, failure, and material compatibility and selection issues associated with oil refinery processes.
1/3/2011 8:00 AM



The safe operation of oil refineries in the United States is under constant more
When: January 30, 2017 - February 2, 2017 Where: Galveston Island more

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